Support for families and businesses in the new tax year

Jeremy Lefroy MP has welcomed steps taken by this Conservative Government to support families and businesses at the start of the 2018-19 tax year.

Steps taken by the Government to achieve a balanced approach to public finances in the new tax year include:

MP welcomes Artificial Intelligence Sector Deal

Jeremy Lefroy MP has welcomed the recently published Artificial Intelligence Sector Deal, the fourth in a series of deals between the Government and industry that set out to boost productivity and earning power in specific sectors across the UK.

Politically Speaking - Social Care / HS2

Last week, a cross-party group of MPs proposed a plan for the long-term funding of health and social care.

I welcome this. I have been calling for this approach for five years so it good to see respected Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs come together to advocate it.

Consultation on Insolvency and Corporate Governance

The Government has recently launched a consultation on insolvency and corporate governance. The consultation will look into improving the corporate governance framework to ensure the highest standards of behaviour from those who control companies.

JCHR Publishes Report on Freedom of Speech in Universities

Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights, of which Stafford MP Jeremy Lefroy is a member, has recently published a report on Freedom of Speech in Universities. The report highlights that serious barriers limit free speech in universities.