Politically Speaking

The next 6 weeks are critical for the negotiations between the United Kingdom and European Union, both on the withdrawal agreement and on the ‘political declaration’  regarding the future partnership in trade, security, policing and much else.

Voluntary Right to Buy pilot announced

A voluntary Right to Buy pilot has been announced for many housing association tenants in the Midlands, including Stafford constituency, who may wish to buy their home.

Exit EU negotiations

The nature of the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union will have to be resolved in the coming weeks. The UK Government’s proposal is for an economic partnership which includes:

MP welcomes record breaking year for overseas visitors to the UK

Stafford MP, Jeremy Lefroy has praised the achievements of VisitBritain following the publication of figures showing that 2017 was officially a record-breaker for overseas visits to the UK and for the amount visitors spent across the country.