More schools scheduled to be built in Staffordshire

PR from Staffordshire County Council

More schools scheduled to be built in Staffordshire

More new schools could be built in Staffordshire and a number expanded to manage an increasing demand for pupil places.

Politically Speaking - Future Trade Policy

In the coming years, Parliament will spend far more time debating trade policy and agreements than it has been used to. That is because such agreements will become the responsibility of the UK Government rather than being negotiated through the European Union.


By now, we will know the name of the new Prime Minister. If reports over the weekend were correct, two of the policies which will be announced will be higher and fairer funding for education, and clear proposals to tackle the crisis in social care funding.

MP welcomes plans to introduce Police Covenant

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has recently announced that police officers in Staffordshire will be given protection in and out of the job through a Police Covenant – after Government listened to demands from a campaign supported by Jeremy.