Staffordshire A&E

UHNM Statement 17/03/17

Staffordshire A&E

Paula Clark, Chief Executive, said: “County Hospital is an integral part of the UHNM family, and our A&E offers a high quality and valued service to local people.

We have no plans to close it and have invested in a refurbishment this financial year as part of an on-going improvement programme.

“The fact is that no decision has been taken to close any A&E in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, and it is a shame that this kind of negative speculation is detracting from some really exciting opportunities to improve local health and care for everyone in the future.

“This includes a much greater emphasis on the prevention of illness, better use of technology, an equal focus on mental and physical health needs and the opportunity for us all to play a more active role in managing our own health."