My positive vision for our country and the Stafford constituency

It has been an honour to represent and work for the Stafford constituency in Parliament since 2010. I am asking for your support as the Conservative candidate in the General Election on June 8th.

Theresa May as Prime Minister offers stable, strong and fair leadership as our country leaves the European Union. I was elected to the ‘Exiting the EU’ select committee in the recent parliament because I wish to see a strong and positive working relationship with the EU in the future. The 27 countries remaining in the EU will continue to be our closest neighbours and largest trading partner.

The rights of UK citizens in the EU, and of EU citizens in the UK – many of whom do vital work in the NHS, social care and agriculture in Staffordshire – are a priority for me.

A global, outward-looking Britain, with control of our borders and laws, must look to increase our trade in goods and services across the world. I will do all I can both with local businesses and nationally to support this.

Personally, I will also try my utmost to work for those who are in difficulty or distress –whether through loss of work, health or home, or disability. I will always strive to bring people together, and to work for fairness and hope across the generations. Our country needs to work for everyone.

In Stafford constituency, and across the UK, we will continue to have as our aims – high quality jobs, encouraging enterprise, top quality health and social care, first-class fairly funded education and affordable housing, all within a sustainable environment.

Before my election, I worked for 30 years in businesses in England, Wales and Tanzania. A qualified chartered accountant, I co-founded enterprises in coffee and organic cocoa as well as equitable leasing finance for small companies. I have served on the board of a Staffordshire school and a Shropshire prison’s Independent Monitoring Board.

I have greatly enjoyed meeting and working with voluntary and community groups across the constituency. As always, you are a large part of what makes our country such a wonderful place in which to live and work.

Thank you.

Jeremy Lefroy

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for the Stafford Constituency