MP welcomes Artificial Intelligence Sector Deal

Jeremy Lefroy MP has welcomed the recently published Artificial Intelligence Sector Deal, the fourth in a series of deals between the Government and industry that set out to boost productivity and earning power in specific sectors across the UK.

The Government committed to making the most of the UK’s strengths so it can be at the forefront of emerging technologies and industries in the years ahead. Sector Deals, where industries are invited to come forward with plans for the future, embody the ethos of this collaborative approach. They show how industry and the Government, working together, can boost the productivity and earning power of specific sectors. Ambitious deals have already been struck with the life sciences, automotive, and creative industries sectors and this looks to be built on in the months ahead.

The Artificial Intelligence Sector Deal will build on the UK’s global position as a leader in AI by establishing a strong partnership between the Government, industry and academia. It contains mutual commitments to invest £1bn in the sector covering innovation, skills, ethics and regulators innovation and by supporting sectors to boost their productivity through artificial intelligence and data analytics technologies.

The Government will build on its reputation as an international hub for AI innovation and provide £20 million of funding to help the UK’s service industries, including law and insurance, with new pilot projects to identify how AI can transform and enhance operations.

The Deal will also help establish the UK as a research hotspot, with measures to ensure the innovators and tech entrepreneurs of tomorrow are based in the UK, with investment in the high-level post-graduate skills needed to capitalise on technology’s huge potential.

Commenting, Jeremy said:

“Emerging technologies around artificial intelligence are presenting the UK with great opportunities to improve efficiency and change the way we work. This new Deal shows that the Government is harnessing our strengths and looking to make the UK the best place in the world to start a digital business.”

If any businesses would like to discuss this with me directly, please contact my Westminster office at or 0207 219 7154.