MP supports action to tackle nuisance calls

Jeremy Lefroy MP has supported further action recently taken by the Government to tackle the problem of nuisance calls. They have opened a consultation on whether company directors should be personally liable for breaches of the law in this area.

For many people around the UK unwanted marketing calls are a source of annoyance and inconvenience. For the most vulnerable in society however, they can cause extreme anxiety and distress. This is not an acceptable state of affairs, and over the last few years the Government has introduced a series of measures to make it more difficult for direct marketing companies to make nuisance calls. As a result of these measures, both the ICO and Ofcom have reported that nuisance calls complaints have fallen for the second year in a row.

Work must continue, however, if this modern day nuisance and its damaging consequences on the most vulnerable are to be fully stopped. It is for that reason why a public consultation exercise was launched on 29 May to invite views on further action in this area.

The Information Commissioner can already take action against companies and their directors that act outside of the law. Companies responsible for nuisance calls can be fined up to £500,000 if they are found to have breached the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. Company bosses can also be disqualified from being a director if found to be in breach of these rules.

However, these measures alone have so far not stopped some directors from dissolving companies to avoid incurring fines, only to form new ones which continue to flout the rules. The consultation – which will run until 21st August – explores whether we should go further by making company directors personally liable for breaches of the relevant legislation.

If anyone in Jeremy constituency has an interest in this area they are encouraged to look further into the consultation and respond at the link below. If you would like to talk to Jeremy about this issue please contact him at