MP encourages people to be school governors

Jeremy Lefroy MP has commended the importance of school governors and trustees in our education system and encouraged more people to consider if they could serve their community in this way.

We all have a shared interest in shaping children’s futures for the better - improving their chances in life, nurturing their talents and expanding their career opportunities. Making sure children and young people across our country receive an excellent education is vital to achieving this and the skills and expertise members of the public bring is invaluable.

Jeremy is calling on people from all different backgrounds and professions to come forward and offer their time, energy, skills, and expertise in this vital role. Governing and trust boards should reflect the communities they serve and for those in their community that want to give something back, this is truly one of the most valuable and far reaching ways to do so.

He would like to encourage community leaders Stafford to sign up as a governor or trustee and help us offer high quality leadership and advice to more schools and colleges through the governance system. Few other volunteer roles are likely to be as challenging and rewarding as being involved in our Education sector.

To find out more information go to Inspiring Governance. Those interested in becoming governors or trustees can sign up through organisations like Inspiring Governance and Academy Ambassadors.