MP calls for fairer allocation of CCG Funding

Jeremy has called for more equal funding for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to ensure areas like Staffordshire get their fair share.

The resources allocated to CCGs is designed to reflect the needs of the population, including levels of deprivation and the age profile of the population, however big variations have opened up in recent years between some areas - often among neighbouring areas.

In 2018/19 NHS England distributed a total of £74.2 billion across 195 CCGs in England. The overall funding equates to £1,254 per registered patient in England. The highest allocation per patient in 2018/19 is Knowsley CCG in Merseyside (£1,645), the lowest CCG allocation per patient is Oxfordshire CCG (£1,040).

Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions, Jeremy said: “The Prime Minister and her Government have rightly committed very substantial extra money to the NHS, and the plan produced last week is very encouraging, but will she look at the difference between the money given to the clinical commissioning groups that receive the least per head and those that receive the most per head? We do not want funding to come down, but we do want a fairer formula for allocating money to the CCGs that receive the lowest funding.”

Responding, the Prime Minister highlighted the recent publication of the NHS long term plan and said: “Changes have been made to the allocations for 2019-20. The fair share allocations for Staffordshire CCGs, which I am sure he is particularly interested in, have increased; they will see a higher level of growth in their actual budgets over the next five years. That difference will ensure that, over time, funding across the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent CCGs becomes fairer. The biggest cash boost in the NHS’s history is enabling us to do that”.