MP backs Autism Awareness Bill

Jeremy has backed a Bill requiring all police officers in England and Wales to have mandatory autism awareness training.

The Police Officer Training (Autism Awareness) Ten Minute Rule Bill was supported by the National Autistic Society and introduced by Welsh Labour MP Ann Clwyd. Speaking in Parliament, Ms Clwyd said she thought it was essential that police had training to make sure they could support autistic people.

Recent research carried out by the National Autistic Society has revealed just 37% of police had any autism training, but that 92% said they would find it useful.

Commenting, Jeremy said: “Neither the interests of justice or autistic people themselves are served when there is no real understanding of their difficulties by officers. I therefore have no hesitation in supporting this very sensible Bill.”

The Police Officer Training (Autism Awareness) Bill passed its first Parliamentary hurdle and is scheduled to return to the Commons soon, however without Government backing it is highly unlikely to end up becoming law.