Jeremy Lefroy MP welcomes positive results of pension auto-enrolment

Jeremy Lefroy MP has welcomed new figures showing that, due to changes to workplace pensions, over 9 million more people are now saving for retirement. New figures show that 8,000 more people in Stafford are now saving more for their retirement.

Auto-enrolment was introduced so that more workers can save for retirement, while our plan means that workers can afford these changes. The figures also show that 72,830 more people in work in the West Midlands are now saving for a life after work.

The latest research shows that workplace pensions have become the ‘new normal’, while small businesses found a pension scheme for their workers to be ‘necessary’ and ‘sensible’.

Commenting Jeremy said:

‘Introducing automatic enrolment will help more families in my constituency plan for the long-term and transform the way people save for retirement. I am excited that workplace pension saving is the new normal, but we must continue to figure out what the Government can to do help more people build towards a secure and safe retirement.’