County Hospital CEC Update 07/02/17

County Hospital CEC Update

University Hospitals of North Midlands has received the draft RCPCH report into their review of Children’s Emergency Services at County Hospital.

The Trust is currently reviewing the report for accuracy, and will be presenting the final version at the next public board meeting, which is on Monday 6 March 2017.

Dr Ann Marie Morris, Clinical Director and Emergency Consultant, said: “We would like to underline that the Minor Injuries Unit for under-16s at County Hospital cannot currently treat children with illnesses and other conditions. The Unit is strictly for Minor Injuries only and children with illnesses, rashes/fevers, vomiting/diarrhoea or chronic illnesses can be treated via NHS111 or their GP. Parents of children who are severely unwell/injured should call 999.

“The Minor Injuries Unit should be used for head injuries, limb injuries, wounds, sprains, bruises, fractures.”

The Trust will continue to provide weekly updates to the local community about the progress of the RCPCH review and additional media coverage will be arranged where appropriate.