It is very encouraging to see the UK returning to apprenticeships after many years in which they have not been taken seriously enough either by Government or employers. This Government has made a commitment to supporting 3 million apprenticeships between 2015 and 2020, a significant increase on the 2 million in the last Parliament.

Newsletter Article

The award of the Legion d’Honneur by President Hollande to Staffordshire veterans of the Normandy landings who helped to free Europe from the Nazi tyranny, and the solidarity with France shown across the UK after the terrorist attacks in Paris show how close our countries have been for more than one hundred years. We may have our different customs, language and cuisine but we are determined together to uphold freedom.

Refugee Crisis

The plight of the refugees in Europe who have fled conflicts, especially Syria, must be addressed. I believe that the Prime Minister is right to point to the need to continue to tackle the causes; and Yvette Cooper MP, and others, are also right to call for the UK to take in more refugees, working with local communities across the UK. It is not ‘either’ or’ – we need to do both.

Lefroy Welcomes Ebola Support

Stafford MP, Jeremy Lefroy, has welcomed the UK Government’s additional support to tackle Ebola in West Africa. At the heart of the response is a commitment to provide a further 500 treatment beds in Sierra Leone (taking the total number in the country to 1,000) for those suffering from the virus which has so far resulted in more than 2,500 deaths. This is in addition to the 62 bed treatment centre currently being built near the capital Freetown by British military and humanitarian experts. 143 beds will also be supported in Freetown and Kenema, a town in the East of the country which has been severely affected by the outbreak.

Jeremy Lefroy welcomes CDC’s new strategy as it invests US$32.5m in African Agribusiness

Last week, the UK’s development finance institution, the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) announced its first direct equity investment since they launched their new strategy in September this year. CDC will invest US$32.5m backing the local founders of Export Trading Group (ETG) an African agribusiness which connects African smallholder farmers to consumers around the world by procuring, processing and distributing agricultural commodities. This has been endorsed by Stafford MP, Jeremy Lefroy- 

Supporting smallholders in securing global food security

This weekend, as London 2012 draws to a close, David Cameron will be chairing a conference at Downing Street about tackling malnutrition among the world’s poorest children.  I hope that this meeting is the start of a concerted effort by the UK - which holds the G8 Presidency in 2013 - to encourage the world to take hunger and malnutrition seriously.