Politically Speaking

Last month, I wrote that we have always to work at peace – it does not occur naturally.  This Christmas, it would be easy to be discouraged when peace and goodwill seem to be in short supply:  Syria’s civil war, Yemen’s suffering population, China and the USA contemplate escalating a trade war; a

Politically Speaking

The next 6 weeks are critical for the negotiations between the United Kingdom and European Union, both on the withdrawal agreement and on the ‘political declaration’  regarding the future partnership in trade, security, policing and much else.

Animal Sentience

I am committed to the highest standards of animal welfare, and to making the UK a world leader in the field. It concerns me that some have suggested the vote my colleagues and I cast on New Clause 30 of the EU Withdrawal Bill somehow signalled a weakening in the protection of animals.

UK Investment Bank proposal – Jeremy Lefroy MP

A United Kingdom Investment Bank is needed more than ever. It makes little sense to be seeking large scale and relatively costly long-term finance for the infrastructure projects so vital to our future productivity when we can raise it more cheaply at home.

Politically Speaking- Staffordshire Newsletter 25/05/16

The referendum on 23rd June over whether to remain in or leave the European Union is one of the most important decisions of our lifetimes. Whatever is decided, there will be significant consequences for our country. I therefore urge everyone to use their vote. 

Britain is a leading player in research into tropical diseases. It’s a gift we must offer to the world, says Jeremy Lefroy – House Magazine 11 March 2016

The mosquito in its various forms is responsible for transmitting a number of the world’s most harmful infectious diseases, from malaria to yellow fever, Dengue fever and the Zika virus. Ever since Sir Ronald Ross confirmed the transmission of malaria by the mosquito, the UK has been at the forefront of research into the prevention, control and treatment of vector-borne diseases.