Lefroy: Elections In Democratic Republic of Congo Must Be Free and Fair

The Democratic Republic of Congo, in the heart of Africa, is not filling the world’s headlines, but it is at a crossroads. Next week’s elections and the kind of governance that ensues could take Congo and Central Africa towards peace and realizing its potential, or – the terrifying alternative of allowing it drift into more violence and instability. For the people of Congo, for regional stability and global prosperity, the world community needs to support Congo’s efforts over the long haul.

SCC: Highways chief launches recruitment drive for ‘Ice Busters’

Highways chief Mike Maryon has launched a recruitment drive to increase the number of ‘Ice Busters’ across Staffordshire   The Cabinet member for Highways and Transport is calling on parish councils to sign up to the voluntary scheme.  So far, more than 40 parish councils have contacted the highways hotline to find out more about the initiative and County Councillor Maryon is keen to hear from more.  Staffordshire has bought 30,000 tonnes of grit for the second year running - that’s a 20 day supply running at full tilt.

Care Quality Commission sees improvements at Stafford Hospital

The latest report by the Care Quality Commission into the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Stafford and Cannock Hospitals, has stated that it is now compliant in  several areas in which its last major report in October 2010 said there were minor concerns.

Stafford Furniture Exchange moves into refurbished offices

 Jeremy recently opened the newly refurbished offices of Stafford Furniture Exchange on Sash Street. The Furniture Exchange supplies essential items of donated furniture and other household items to disadvantaged people in need. Over the past year, it has helped around 500 people locally.