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The election and the new Parliament has been overshadowed by the terrorist outrages in Manchester and London and the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire. I have written to the Mayors of both cities to express our sadness and deep sympathy at the needless suffering so many have experienced.


Politically Speaking 19/02/17 

For many years and under successive governments, Staffordshire’s schools have been underfunded. This is as a result of the schools funding formula which has generally worked in favour of cities and against towns and rural areas.

Support for education of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan

The hospitality shown by Lebanon to Syrian refugees is extraordinary. There will shortly be more Syrian children than Lebanese in state schools in Lebanon. Even when taking into account the fact that most Lebanese children attend private schools, this is remarkable.

Politically Speaking, Staffordshire Newsletter

Politically Speaking, Staffordshire Newsletter 23/11/16

The Chancellor will give his autumn statement this week. It will be one of the most important in recent years as it will be the first to reflect the economic forecasts after the vote to leave the European Union.

Sentinel Article - North Staffs can be an IT powerhouse

Later this month, I will be taking part in an Information and Communication Technology conference in Stafford. It is no secret that I am determined to see Stafford and North Staffordshire become a regional and eventually national centre of excellence in IT.

Politically Speaking Article – Staffordshire Newsletter

The roadworks on the A34 resulting from the replacement of water and sewerage pipes in Stafford have been causing significant delays and frustration. While this work is vital, it needs to be carried out in the least disruptive way to road users and residents.

Jeremy Lefroy: Cutting deficit must be fair for all

RECENTLY I was with a parliamentary committee looking at UK support to Tanzania, particularly on economic development. When I lived there 20 years ago, you saw little construction equipment. Now there are JCBs all over the place and our ceramics take pride of place on hotel tables.