Politically Speaking – NHS Funding / Sport

The Government has announced that the NHS England budget will increase by £20.5 billion in real (inflation-adjusted) terms per annum by 2023. This is very close to the amount which I called for in my Newsletter article of February this year and I welcome it.

MP welcomes Artificial Intelligence Sector Deal

Jeremy Lefroy MP has welcomed the recently published Artificial Intelligence Sector Deal, the fourth in a series of deals between the Government and industry that set out to boost productivity and earning power in specific sectors across the UK.

Politically Speaking - Social Care / HS2

Last week, a cross-party group of MPs proposed a plan for the long-term funding of health and social care.

I welcome this. I have been calling for this approach for five years so it good to see respected Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs come together to advocate it.

UK Leadership in Global Education

In the 11 years that I lived in Tanzania with my family I saw first-hand the poverty that so many people in developing countries face and conversely the economic and social opportunities that a good education can bring.

Drug Resistance Part Two – Malaria & Artemisinin

It is generally from south-east Asia that resistance grows to malaria drugs. We see that trend continuing as it appears that resistance has been growing to artemisinin-based combination therapy drugs (ACTs).

MP welcomes Asda’s pledge to reduce plastic waste

Stafford MP Jeremy Lefroy has welcomed Asda’s pledge to reduce its use of plastic packaging and thereby create less waste. Jeremy, along with over 200 MPs, wrote to all supermarkets to encourage them to eliminate plastic packaging from their products.

HS2 / Health and Social Care

The Bill permitting the construction of Phase 2A of HS2 passed its Second Reading in the House of Commons last week.

Call for evidence to improve air quality

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is calling on households and businesses to share their views on proposals to cut harmful emissions caused by the burning of dirtier fuels.