Smart Meters - looking to the future

Energy ‘smart meters’ connect to a consumer’s electricity and gas supply and allow them to see and adjust in real-time what energy they are using. By 2020, the Government wants every home in Great Britain to have a new ‘smart meter’.

Climate Risk Insurance for Smallholder Farmers

As the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Agriculture and Food for Development I have a particular interest in the impacts of climate change on the agriculture industry around the world.

UK Airspace Policy - The Government's Consultation Response

As anyone living in Staffordshire can attest to, the county sits underneath one of the busiest air routes in the world. As we look to the future air travel is only going to increase and so we must be sensible in how we approach UK airspace policy.

AVIVA Community Fund

A number of local schemes have been successful in getting through to the voting stage of the AVIVA Community Fund.

We now need some help from you to help these groups be successful in securing the money.

Jeremy supports firefighters at Westminster

Stafford MP, Jeremy Lefroy met firefighters in Westminster this week (24 October 2017) to recognise and celebrate the invaluable work firefighters do keeping our communities safe.