Superfast Broadband

By the end of March 2016, the Government’s Superfast Broadband Programme had provided coverage to nearly 4 million homes and businesses, in collaboration with local authorities and the devolved administrations. Stafford constituency is located within the Staffordshire project. The project has been allocated over £9.1 million of government funding for Phase 1 and/or 2 of the Superfast Broadband Programme.

In Stafford Constituency the current position is as follows: 

· There are approximately 43,139 premises in the constituency

· Of these, 36,371 have been covered by commercial deployment

· Under the publicly supported programme, 4,155 had been covered by the end of March 2016 and

· 302 of these premises were delivered between January and March 2016

· 717 further premises are due to be covered by the public programme by the end date of June 2017.

Average download speeds are around 28% higher than the UK average. Stafford constituency ranks 134th of 650 constituencies in the UK (higher than around 80% of constituencies), and 12th of 59 in the West Midlands.

Looking at nearby constituencies – superfast availability is higher than Stafford in Cannock Chase (94%), Wolverhampton North East (98%) and Walsall North (94%), but lower in Lichfield (90%) and Stone (79%). Average download speeds are higher in Stafford than all these constituencies – except for Wolverhampton North East.

Speeds in Manor, Highfields, Holmcroft and Littleworth wards rank among the top 5% of wards in Great Britain. A further four wards rank in the top 10% of wards in Great Britain. At the other end of the scale, Wheaton Aston ward has lower speeds than three quarters of wards in Great Britain.

Superfast broadband availability is above 95% in half of the constituency’s wards. Availability in Milwich is, at 55%, lower than over 90% of wards in Great Britain.

Seighford & Church Eaton has a high percentage of connections receiving the slowest speeds (under 2 Mbps). At 14.1%. this percentage is higher than around 95% of wards in Great Britain.


Please find below the full list of postcodes in the Stafford constituency where superfast broadband services are available as a result of the superfast programme: ST16 1FA, ST16 1FB, ST16 2AD, ST16 2AG, ST16 2AH, ST16 2AJ, ST16 2AP, ST16 2AR, ST16 2AS, ST16 2AW, ST16 2AX, ST16 2BA, ST16 2BD, ST16 2BE, ST16 2BG, ST16 2BN, ST16 2BP, ST16 2BQ, ST16 2BT, ST16 2BU, ST16 2BX, ST16 2DB, ST16 2DL, ST16 2DN, ST16 2HL, ST16 2HY, ST16 2HZ, ST16 2JA, ST16 2JB, ST16 2JE, ST16 2JH, ST16 2JL, ST16 2JR, ST16 2JU, ST16 2JZ, ST16 2NR, ST16 2NT, ST16 2NY, ST16 2PA, ST16 2PD, ST16 2PE, ST16 2PG, ST16 2PJ, ST16 2PQ, ST16 2PR, ST16 2PT, ST16 2QP, ST16 2QT, ST16 2QY, ST16 2QZ, ST16 2RG, ST16 2RQ, ST16 2RX, ST16 2SD, ST16 2SE, ST16 2SH, ST16 2SL, ST16 2SR, ST16 2ST, ST16 2TF, ST16 3AD, ST16 3AF, ST16 3DJ, ST16 3DP, ST16 3DQ, ST16 3DR, ST16 3EA, ST16 3EE, ST16 3EF, ST16 3EQ, ST16 3HS, ST16 3HU, ST16 3HW, ST16 3JZ, ST16 3LA, ST16 3PS, ST16 3RE, ST16 3SB, ST16 3ST, ST16 3SX, ST16 3TF, ST16 3TJ, ST16 3UQ, ST17 0EA, ST17 0ED, ST17 0EF, ST17 0EG, ST17 0HQ, ST17 0HR, ST17 0HS, ST17 0JY, ST17 0JZ, ST17 0LA, ST17 0LE, ST17 0LF, ST17 0LG, ST17 0LR, ST17 0LW, ST17 0QD, ST17 0QF, ST17 0QL, ST17 0QN, ST17 0SA, ST17 0SB, ST17 0SD, ST17 0SE, ST17 0SF, ST17 0SH, ST17 0SP, ST17 0SS, ST17 0ST, ST17 0SU, ST17 0SY, ST17 0SZ, ST17 0TB, ST17 0TD, ST17 0TE, ST17 0TH, ST17 0TJ, ST17 0UQ, ST17 0UW, ST17 0XD, ST17 0XE, ST17 0XG, ST17 0XH, ST17 0XJ, ST17 0XP, ST17 0XQ, ST17 0XT, ST17 0XU, ST17 0XW, ST17 0XX, ST17 0XZ, ST17 0YS, ST17 0YY, ST17 4FD, ST17 4FE, ST17 4FG, ST17 4FH, ST17 4FL, ST18 0AB, ST18 0AF, ST18 0AH, ST18 0AJ, ST18 0AL, ST18 0AN, ST18 0AR, ST18 0AT, ST18 0AW, ST18 0AZ, ST18 0BG, ST18 0ES, ST18 0FB, ST18 0FD, ST18 0FE, ST18 0FF, ST18 0FG, ST18 0FP, ST18 0FQ, ST18 0FW, ST18 0FX, ST18 0FY, ST18 0FZ, ST18 0GA, ST18 0GB, ST18 0GE, ST18 0GF, ST18 0GP, ST18 0GU, ST18 0LQ, ST18 0LY, ST18 0NB, ST18 0ND, ST18 0NG, ST18 0NQ, ST18 0NR, ST18 0NS, ST18 0NT, ST18 0NU, ST18 0NY, ST18 0NZ, ST18 0PB, ST18 0PH, ST18 0PP, ST18 0PR, ST18 0PS, ST18 0PW, ST18 0PY, ST18 0QB, ST18 0QE, ST18 0QF, ST18 0QN, ST18 0QP, ST18 0QS, ST18 0RA, ST18 0RJ, ST18 0RQ, ST18 0RT, ST18 0RU, ST18 0RY, ST18 0RZ, ST18 0SB, ST18 0SE, ST18 0SG, ST18 0SJ, ST18 0SN, ST18 0SP, ST18 0SR, ST18 0ST, ST18 0SW, ST18 0TG, ST18 0TH, ST18 0TJ, ST18 0TL, ST18 0TN, ST18 0TQ, ST18 0TW, ST18 0UE, ST18 0UG, ST18 0UH, ST18 0UL, ST18 0UN, ST18 0UP, ST18 0UX, ST18 0UY, ST18 0UZ, ST18 0WN, ST18 0WP, ST18 0WQ, ST18 0WT, ST18 0XA, ST18 0XB, ST18 0XE, ST18 0ZE, ST18 9EL, ST18 9JU, ST18 9NL, ST18 9NR, ST18 9PF, ST18 9PG, ST18 9PH, ST18 9PJ, ST18 9PL, ST18 9PP, ST18 9PQ, ST18 9PR, ST18 9PS, ST18 9PT, ST18 9PU, ST18 9PW, ST18 9PX, ST18 9PY, ST18 9PZ, ST18 9QE, ST18 9QF, ST18 9QG, ST18 9QH, ST18 9QL, ST18 9QP, ST18 9QR, ST18 9QS, ST18 9QT, ST18 9QU, ST18 9SF, ST18 9SG, ST18 9SH, ST18 9SJ, ST18 9SQ, ST18 9TH, ST18 9TN, ST18 9TW, ST19 5BP, ST19 5BT, ST19 5BU, ST19 5BX, ST19 5BY, ST19 5BZ, ST19 5DA, ST19 5DF, ST19 5DJ, ST19 5DL, ST19 5DS, ST19 5DT, ST19 5DU, ST19 5DX, ST19 5DY, ST19 5HE, ST19 5NP, ST19 5QE, ST19 5QG, ST19 5QP, ST19 5QQ, ST19 5SF, ST19 5TT, ST19 9AA, ST19 9AB, ST19 9AD, ST19 9AE, ST19 9AF, ST19 9AG, ST19 9AH, ST19 9AJ, ST19 9AL, ST19 9AN, ST19 9AQ, ST19 9AU, ST19 9AW, ST19 9AX, ST19 9AY, ST19 9LZ, ST19 9NA, ST19 9NB, ST19 9NE, ST19 9NF, ST19 9NG, ST19 9NH, ST19 9NJ, ST19 9NL, ST19 9NP, ST19 9NQ, ST19 9NR, ST19 9NS, ST19 9NT, ST19 9NU, ST19 9NW, ST19 9NX, ST19 9NY, ST19 9NZ, ST19 9PA, ST19 9PB, ST19 9PD, ST19 9PE, ST19 9PF, ST19 9PH, ST19 9PJ, ST19 9PL, ST19 9PN, ST19 9PP, ST19 9PQ, ST19 9PR, ST19 9PS, ST19 9PT, ST19 9PW, ST19 9PX, ST19 9PY, ST19 9PZ, ST19 9QA, ST19 9QB, ST19 9QJ, ST19 9QL, ST19 9QN, ST19 9QP, ST19 9QR, ST19 9QS, ST19 9QW, ST19 9QZ, ST19 9RA, ST19 9RB, ST19 9RN, ST20 0JG, ST20 0JQ, WS15 2QX, WS15 2TP, WS15 3NS

The following postcodes have been provided with full or partial coverage of Superfast Broadband between January and March 2016: ST17 0XD, ST18 0NJ, ST18 0TR, ST18 0TS, ST18 0TT, ST18 0TY, ST18 0UF, ST18 0UG, ST18 0UH, ST18 0YR, ST18 9JA, ST18 9JB, ST18 9JD, ST18 9JE, ST18 9JF, ST18 9JU, ST18 9JX, ST18 9JY, ST18 9LA, ST19 9JH, ST19 9JN, ST19 9JP, ST19 9JR, ST19 9JS, ST19 9JT, ST19 9JU, ST19 9JX, ST19 9JY, ST19 9JZ, TF11 8JF, TF11 8LB, TF11 8LD, TF11 8LE, TF11 8LF, TF11 8LG, TF11 8LQ, TF11 8NA, TF11 8QG, TF11 8QH, TF11 8QQ

A couple of points to note:- • Some of these postcodes will only have partial access to superfast broadband, although all will have at least some access to a broadband service of at least 24Mbps. • More postcodes in the Stafford constituency will be reached by the programme in future stages of the rollout. This information will be published when it is known. You can check the availability of superfast broadband services at from where you will be directed to available superfast broadband providers and for those who cannot currently get superfast broadband, some providers provide a demand registration service where you can register your interest. More information about the Superfast Broadband rollout in Staffordshire can be found at:


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